A quintessentially English pickle traditionally used as accompaniment to cold meats and cheeses but delicious added to meat pies and casseroles.


  • Walnuts

  • Sugar

  • Malt Vinegar

  • Salt
  • Acetic Acid

  • Malt Extract


  • Energy 120k.Cal/508kj
  • Protein 0.92g
  • Carbohydrate 27.46g
  • Total Fat 1.44g
  • Typical values per 100g

Pickled Walnuts in Malt Vinegar

Of all the pickles we produce the pickled walnut is probably our most famous and world-renowned as an English delicacy. Chances are if you google pickled walnuts Opies will get a mention. Our walnuts are harvested before the shell forms whilst they are still green which is generally in June. We cook and marinate them in a secret spiced malt vinegar recipe and then they’re hand packed into jars to ensure they are as perfect as possible when you open them. They make a delicious accompaniment to cheese and cold meats and provide a tasty ingredient when diced or sliced in meat, poultry and game dishes.


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